In the "2023 AV-Comparatives Malware Protection and Performance Test"

ESET achieved a successful interception rate of 99.9% for malicious software

The test covered 16 security products and a total of 10,015 latest and common malware samples. ESET Internet Security performed exceptionally well in the test, successfully intercepting 99.9% of the malicious software. Additionally, the test also evaluated the quality of alerts provided by antivirus products. ESET Internet Security demonstrated outstanding performance in terms of false alarms, completely avoiding false alerts, thus showcasing its ability and reliability in detecting legitimate files and potential malware threats.To assess the impact of the product on computer system performance, the test utilized the industry-recognized PC Mark benchmark. In a scenario without any antivirus software, the testing organization achieved a PC Mark score of 100. Meanwhile, ESET Internet Security stood out once again with an excellent score of 98.4, highlighting its efficiency and overall performance in real-world usage.

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