Registration authorization method

1. Please open the browser and enter to log in to your ESET Home account
(If you do not have an ESET Home account, you can click "Create Account" to create one.

2. After successfully logging in, please click "Get Started".

3. If you have already authorized it in ESET Home before, please click "Subscribe" 🡪 "Show all subscriptions" 🡪 "+Add new subscription", and then skip to step 5.

4. Click "Add new authorization and download protection" and then click "Continue".

5. Enter the activation key (can be found on the card in the paper tray), and then click "Add Subscription".

6. Fill in the registration information including "name", "surname", "email address" and select "Hong Kong" for "state".

7. Click "Add Subscription" to complete the registration. At the same time, customers will also receive authorization registration information in the registration email within 15 minutes.

8. After completing the registration, you can find the newly registered authorization in "Subscriptions" 🡪 "Show All Subscriptions"