ESET Installation Steps - MacOs Users

MacOs Users Installation Steps are as follows:


1. After downloading the installation file from ESET Home, click on the installation file to begin the installation. Using ESET Cybersecurity Pro as an example, the default file name is eset_cybersecurity_pro_en.dmg.

2. Click "Install ESET Cyber Security Pro" to start the installation.

3. Click "Allow."

4. Click "Continue."

5. Click "Agree."

6. Choose "Typical (Recommended)," and then click "Continue."

7. Choose "Enable ESET LiveGrid Feedback System (Recommended)," and then click "Continue."

8. Choose "Enable detection of potentially unwanted applications," and then click "Continue."

9. Click "Install."

10. Enter your MacOS system password, and then click "Install Software."

11. The installation file will proceed with the installation.

12. After the installation is complete, the system will display the following prompt. Please click "Open Security & Privacy Preferences."

13. In the "Privacy" section, click "Click the lock to make changes."

14. On the left hand side, select "Full Disk Access," and on the right hand side, check "ESET Device Control," "ESET Cyber Security Pro," and "ESET Real-time System Protection."

15. In the "Files and Folders" section, verify that "ESET Device Control," "ESET Cyber Security Pro," and "ESET Real-time System Protection" have been added on the right side.

16. In the "General" section, check all "ESET Cyber Security Pro," and then click "OK." New Version MacOS does not have this item, you can skip this steps.

17. After completing the above settings, please restart your computer and then open ESET. Click "Home" on the left hand side and click "Activate product" on the right hand side.

18. Enter the license key (found on the card inside the box), and then click "Activate."

19. If the activation is successful, it means the installation is complete.