How to use your ESET Home account to download ESET products

How to download ESET products using your ESET Home account:

1. Please open the browser and enter to log in to your ESET Home account (if you do not have an ESET Home account, you can click "Create Account" to create one.

2. If your ESET Home account login email is the same as the registration email for your ESET authorization serial number, you will see your authorized subscription after you successfully log in to your ESET Home account. Otherwise, you need to click "+Add Subscription" to join and verify authorization.

3. Click "Show all subscriptions" within the subscription

4. Click "Open Subscription"

5. Click "Protect New Device"

6. Click "Protect this device"/"Protect other devices" and click Continue.

7. Click "Download Protection" to download the installation file.

8. After the download is completed, please click the installation file to install.